Initial Service Code List

The WARES billing system is flexible so that any service may be associated with an activity, calculated for charges, and billed on an invoice. Configuring billing begins with setting up service codes, and WARES provides an initial set of these service codes. The standard WARES services list should be a good starting point for many warehouses, but companies will have service requests or operational issues which require additional services codes.

This article provides basic information about service codes, and the billing documentation provides additional details on using services. Please see that section for more information.

Service Codes List

Following is an example service code list.

Code Description Apply Activity Category Ledger
1H Receiving Handling C RECEIPTS H 5100
1O Shipping Handling C SHIPMENTS H 5100
1R Receiving Storage C RECEIPTS S 5200
1S Recurring Storage C AUDITS S 5200
A1 Lease Space R CHARGES A 5300
A2 Refurbishing Space R CHARGES A 5300
F1 Freight, Local Cartage O   F 5410
F2 Freight, Local Drayage O   F 5410
F3 Freight, Package O   F 5420
F4 Freight, LTL O   F 5430
F5 Freight, TL O   F 5430
L1 Labor, Manhour O   L 5510
L2 Labor, Man + Lift O   L 5510
L3 Labor, Supervisor O   L 5510
L4 Labor, Clerical O   L 5520
L5 Labor OT, Manhour O   L 5510
L2 Labor OT, Man + Lift O   L 5510
L3 Labor OT, Supervisor O   L 5510
L4 Labor OT, Clerical O   L 5520
MA1 Inspect and Measure O   M 5610
MA2 Count and Weigh O   M 5610
MA3 Mark and Stencil O   M 5610
MA4 Record Marks and Labels O   M 5610
MA5 Photograph O   M 5610
MB1 Lump, Segregate, Stack O   M 5610
MB2 Assemble and Pack O   M 5610
MB3 Dunnage and Crating O   M 5610
MB4 Banding O   M 5610
MB5 Stretch Wrap O   M 5610
MB6 Parcel Preparation O   M 5610
MB7 Spot Trailer O   M 5610
MC1 Copies O   M 5620
MC2 FAX Long Distance O   M 5620
MC3 Postage and Mailing O   M 5620
MC4 Documentation O   M 5620
MC5 Generate Reports O   M 5620
MC6 Expedite O   M 5620
MD1 Warehouse Receipt M RECEIPTS M 5700
MD2 Bill of Lading M SHIPMENTS M 5700
MD3 Picking Ticket M SHIPMENTS M 5700
MD4 Packing Slip M SHIPMENTS M 5700
MD5 Certificate of Analysis M SHIPMENTS M 5700
MD6 Man. Safety Data Sheet M SHIPMENTS M 5700
X1 Pallets O   X 5800
X2 Services Tax O   X 5800
X3 COD Collection O   X 5800
X4 Freight Pay Surcharge O   X 5800
X5 Materials Reimbursement O   X 5800


Service codes which are applied C = Calculated start with the number 1. Only these four service codes may be used to setup storage and handling rates, as WARES billing calculations are programmed to use only these codes.

Service Code Columns

  • Code – is a unique service code identifier. The code will be used in defining rates and applying optional charges.
  • Description – is the default text for rates using the code, and it appears on document charges and corresponding invoices.
  • Apply – specifies how a service is used. Values are C for Calculated, M for Mandatory, O for Optional, and R for Repeating.
  • Activity – limits a service to be used only on listed activity types.
  • Category – provides a convenient shorthand for the revenue type a service represents: H for Handling, S for Storage, F for freight, L for Labor, and M for Miscellaneous. WARES categorizes revenue to report gross income results.
  • Ledger Account – specifies the actual sales account in the warehouse ledgers where revenue for the service will be posted. Wares includes a utility for exporting invoices into standard accounting software.