Setup Program UsersΒΆ

Configure program Users here, specifying their logins and their corresponding program access. Users may be restricted to viewing information for specific customer accounts, or to performing specific functions, depending on their role.

There are several roles for users which determine program access privileges, as shown following.

Role Description Access
Account View account, enter unposted documents 0 entry, 1+ view
Clerical Enter and post documents 1-2 entry, 3+ view
Operations Enter, post, and update documents 1-2-3 entry, 4+ view
Billing Update, calculate and invoice documents 1-4 update, 5 view
Admin Update, calculate, void, maintain system All system functions

Program features and their corresponding access requirements are listed following, to show what each role may do. Roles may permit a user to view only, to enter new records (with restrictions), or to enter or change any information which is viewed.

Feature Account Clerical Operations Billing Admin
Company Setup       view change
Company / Facility   view view view change
Facility / Locations   view change change change
Company / Users         change
Company / Rate Codes     view change change
Accounts Mangement   view view change change
Accounts / Rates     view change change
Contacts Setup   change change change change
Products Setup view change change change change
Inventory view view change change change
Orders enter change change change change
... ... ... ... ... ...