WARES Setup Overview

A company is a single warehouse business which stores and manages goods for multiple accounts kept in one or more buildings. Use Company selections to setup information about a warehouse company, its accounts, and its products.

Warehousing Company

Each instance of WARES is used by one warehousing company. The identifier and contact information for the warehouse is displayed in this form, along with control data for the Warehousing Company.

Facilities and Locations

A warehouse company is responsible for goods under management in buildings or facilities and locations within and around them. Information to describe these buildings and locations is entered in Building Locations.

Program User Management

Setup Program Users in this section of company setup. Users may be restricted to viewing information for specific customer accounts, or to performing specific functions, depending on their role.

Services Code Setup

WARES provides a default set of services billing codes, but these codes may be changed or extended with options on this page. Click this link to see the Initial Service Code List.